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As I Lay Dying

Something came across my news feed on Facebook just recently that simply hit me like a wall of bricks.  It was the last article a dying breast cancer victim had written eulogizing her thoughts, her wishes, her fears and her 'last stand' for her sisters and brothers in arms, who were also dying from Stage 4 Metastic Breast Cancer.  Laurie Becklund, was a former LA Times staff writer and passed away on Feb. 8th, shortly after writing this article. Her writing epitomized what we all feel and will forever stay with me.  There was also a wonderful video she was featured in that stressed the importance of research funds for MBC research.

It's been five years, since I was diagnosed with this horrific disease.  I don't remember what it's like to feel good anymore ... to feel human.  I've learned to accept life the way it is.  I know, I'm supposed to live and enjoy every moment, but there are times, when it is just not easy.  Being on chemo, is ongoing for me and not comforting by any means.  It is something I need to endure for my husband, my family, and my friends.  There are seconds, moments, and entire days, when I question, if I can continue this journey.


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